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Coronavirus: supporting landlords through the pandemic

The NRLA recognises that these are unprecedented circumstances, and it is vital that tenants remain secure in their homes during the coronavirus emergency. However, more needs to be done to help landlords and tenants weather this crisis.

We have produced a number of separate, regularly updated guides and forms to assist you with understanding your requirements at this time. We're also running a number of coronavirus related webinars.

In addition any members who are affected can contact the NRLA for advice on 03330 142 998. 

Minimising Health Risks

Changes To Possession Rules

Financial Support

Managing Your Property

The UK Government has confirmed that the courts will not be hearing possession cases until at least 23 August 2020, extending the stay on evictions by two months in England and Wales.  They have stated that they intend to ‘transition out’ of these measures at the end of August. It’s essential landlords’ voices are heard as the process for possessions is agreed.

Join us in our campaign and support our five-point roadmap for the private rented sector by contacting your MP: 

Find out more about the campaign here

Download a sample letter to send to your MP

Read our article launching the campaign

Read our tips on contacting your MP

What is the NRLA calling for?

While we make the case for landlords at the national and ministerial level, you can help build support for landlords by writing to your MP.

As one of their constituents, an MP is more likely to read and take note of anything you send than any national information sent by the NRLA.

That is why we are asking our members to contact their MP to ask them to support our proposals to support the PRS through this crisis.

Get involved

Focus on the local. Your MP is more likely to support landlord concerns if they understand how it impacts on their constituents. For example, if your local authority charges additional council tax on empty properties you may not be able to afford to allow your tenants to surrender their tenancy early.

Relate your concerns to how it impacts on your tenants as well. The more constituents that are helped by supporting landlords, the greater the chance the MP will be convinced of your argument.

Where do I find my MP?

You can find the email details for your MP here.

We are lobbying Government and local authorities to support landlords in a number of areas: 

•Commit to waiving council tax payments during void periods where landlords are unable to rent out property due to the coronavirus restrictions.

•Delay the introduction of mandatory routine electrical safety inspections until such time as it is safe and responsible to carry out the required checks.

•In line with the Government’s approach to MOTs, a six-month extension to the validity of all gas, energy performance and electricity safety certificates should be introduced for all certificates expiring during the coronavirus pandemic.

•Provide more financial assistance for tenants. Mortgage holidays are welcome but limited in application and impact. The landlords who do have mortgages can only apply where the tenant has been affected by coronavirus. As a result, many landlords will not be able to offer financial support to their tenants. Scrapping the five-week wait for Universal Credit and raising local housing allowance to match average rents in the area would ensure that tenants can pay rent and remain secure in their homes after the pandemic is over.

•Suspend the final phase of the mortgage interest relief restrictions. This will give landlords more flexibility to assist their tenants financially.

•Give clear instructions that where rent can be paid it must be paid. Mortgage holidays are welcome, but the landlord can only apply for this where the tenant has been affected by coronavirus. Many of our members are telling us that their tenants have said they do not need to pay their rent because of the mortgage holiday and there are some universities and other bodies calling for students who leave their properties early to be exempted from paying the remainder of their rent. To avoid unmanageable debt in the future, tenants who can pay their rent should be encouraged to do so.

Tips for writing content for your MP